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She Screams Loudly

looking for the happy mediums

controlled explosion
19 June 1980
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activism, ambition, anais nin, anne frank, apocalyptic fiction, australian television, bad tv movies, bdsm, being drama free, being in the zone, billie holiday, bisexual oil wrestling, bisexuality, bisexuals, blondie, blueberries, body modification, books, canada dry ginger ale, cars, cats, changing the world, channel 4 news, chocolate, cinnamon, collecting, colouring my hair, comic books, communication, corsetry, corsets, creativity, cultural judaism, daggers, dancing, daydreaming, debating, driving, drug reform, drugs, earth, ebay, eclectic music, erotica, ethnic judaism, expatriation, experience, fashion, film, flowers, fnord, food, footnotes, foreign films, foreign policy, freebies, geeks, goldfrapp, green tea, guinea pigs, having grandiose dreams, heathers, honesty, icelandic music, idealism, immigration, intelligence, interesting tangential discussions, italian food, japanese food, japanese rope bondage, jewish food, jon stewart, joss whedon, kim bond, knives, learning, learning from history, lgbt issues, linguistics, london, los bros hernandez, lydia lunch, makeup, marijuana, misheard lyrics, modern art, modern yiddish folk music, montréal, musicals, neighbours, nutrition, oingo boingo, open source software, optimism, pattern recognition, performance art, philosophy, photography, pianos, piercings, playing devil's advocate, polar diamonds, politics, polyamory, pop culture, psychology, reading, rené barjavel, researching, running a business, science fiction, seafood, self-education, sensuality, sex, sexology, singing, sociology, stargazing, strawberries, sublime, sugar, sushi, swimming, sylvia plath, tactile sensations, talking on the phone, talking to myself, tangents, tattoos, tennis, the greater boston area, the pacific northwest, theories, they might be giants, tori amos, traveling, tv, varga, vintage clothing, violet wands, violins, visual art, well-written poetry, whistling, wit, writing, yiddish